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Engineering case

Aqua feed



Project features:

The aquatic feed mainly includes fish, shrimp, crab and other aquatic animals. There are two kinds of aquatic feed: hard pellet feed and expanded pellet feed. According to the particularity of its physiology and diet in water, it is required that the aquatic feed must have excellent water resistance, high gelatinization degree, so as to reduce the pulverization rate. Its raw material fineness is relatively fine. For the shrimp feed, it is required to have a flat grain section and consistent feed appearance Color, etc. for expanded feed, in addition to the pursuit of uniform particle size, it is also necessary to ensure that the floating material must be 100%, the sinking material must be 100%, in addition, it is also necessary to consider indicators such as low steam consumption and power consumption per ton of material, so as to achieve a higher production income of the enterprise.

1、Reasonable production process

The processing technology of complete aquatic feed project generally includes the following contents:

Receiving and cleaning of raw materials - primary grinding (micro grinding) - primary batching and mixing - superfine grinding after primary mixing - Secondary batching and mixing - fine powder screening - tempering - granulating or expanding - cooling (or drying cooling) - oil spraying - Screening - packaging.

2、Excellent single machine performance

Fast has the leading mainframe equipment in the industry:

(1) The patented quenching and tempering equipment of the curing kettle can make the tempering and holding time of the shrimp material reach more than 15 minutes, and the temperature reach 100C °;

(2) Single motor belt type shrimp material granulator, increases the main shaft, increases the belt pulley design, the transmission system is rigid, the moment of inertia is large, the operation is stable, the ring mold does not slip, is equipped with three cutters, the particle section is neat, the appearance is beautiful;

(3) Twin screw extruder, with high running speed and large output, can be equipped with density controller to adjust the volume weight of products online, which can meet the production of slow settling material, floating material, settling material, etc., abalone material, small particle expanding material (up to 0.6mm at least), and low starch production (up to 0.6mm at least) 8%) can be controlled freely, the cutter can move horizontally, can change cutter without stopping, modular design of screw and screw unit, can be combined randomly according to different formula, adopt screw quick push out device, convenient for screw disassembly and assembly, adopt imported gearbox, improve high torque and efficiency, adopt safety clutch, protect gearbox and screw.

(4) Advanced double-layer or three-layer expansion material dryer, high-efficiency radiator, imported plug-in fan, clean stainless steel screen, moisture uniformity after drying ≤ 1%, steam consumption per ton of floating material ≤ 200kg / h.

3、 Clean and sanitary, no cross pollution, low energy consumption
Due to the adoption of fast's excellent single machine, advanced and reasonable process design and humanized operation and maintenance platform design, the plant is clean and sanitary, without cross pollution, and the energy consumption is in the leading level in the industry.
4、High degree of automation, reducing labor force
The raw material adopts the bulk building block type storage design, the small material adopts the microelement addition system, automatic batching, automatic online detection, automatic packaging, automatic stacking, automatic loading, which greatly reduces the use of labor force.

Aquatic feed engineering:
Haida group, Haibo group, Zhengda Group, Dabei agricultural group, Jiangsu heguan, Jindi group

Project presentation:



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